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Chemical Engineer Looking for a Job in the Distilling World


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Hello All!

I am currently looking for an opening as an assistant distiller/apprentice within the realm of craft spirits. Over the past few years, I have grown a passion for distilling and brewing and am looking for a position that allows me to use that passion towards developing a successful career. I have experience making home-brews and have just started distilling whiskeys with a homemade apparatus. I am now looking for an opportunity that allows me to learn from an experienced professional to further my own skill set.

A little about me, I have worked in multiple large-scale manufacturing environments that rely heavily on distillation operation (petroleum refining and Agri-Manufacturing of vegetable oils). In these roles, I was (and still am in the refinery's case) a primary contact for troubleshooting process issues, optimizing unit operation, and formulating adjustments for different quality specifications. My experiences at the refinery have also developed my skills of data extraction and yield analysis, which are integral to any manufacturing operation. 

Thank you for your time!

Please reach out to me privately or respond on this post for additional information. 

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