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Why the rules are what they are


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In the late 1960s, some of the major producers appealed to the feds for a number of changes to the Standards of Identity. Most of the proposed changes were rejected and instead the "Light Whiskey" category was created. I stumbled across this document which details the ATF's reasons for the changes it did and did not accept. It's pretty interesting reading for the extremely geeky like me.

Most pertinent for members here are some of the points about aging, which explain why the rules are what they are.

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That was interesting to read. It may also have clarified something for me. Some whiskey producers machine the inside of their barrels with a router and leave the saw dust in the barrel. I read now that:

The present regulation requiring label disclosure of the addition of wood chips should be amended to make clear that the disclosure requirement applies to the addition of any wood pieces regardless of size.

Is it possible they argue they don't need to say anything on the label because there are no wood chips added? Since they come from the barrel... Seems a little devious, but that's what it takes sometimes...

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