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Destileria Bonanza

Guest Bonanza

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Guest Bonanza

Time to introduce myself.

Im a 51 year old German Mec. Engineer living in Ecuador since almost two decades.

I had many occupations during my life but never had a boss, I love to sleep until I wake up by myself but dont care to work the hours necessary to do what I have too.

I own a small hotel with my Ecuadorian wife, have some agriculture biz, a small bank for loans and savings with some biz friends and seeded teak wood to guaranty my retirement.

My wife runs the hotel and Im only in charge of public relations (having some glasses of the best,lol), which give me plenty time to do something additional.

In the end of the last year I started a small project to extract the essential oils from lemon (that is one of the agriculture biz we have), searching for useful information I found many websites about home and commercial distilling. My family in Germany is making apple wine and schnapps which gave me some advantage to learn this new task pretty fast.

Most of what I know I learned in the HD site but invested a good amount of time in studying books related to engineering stills and elaborating liquors.

First I wanted to use distilling as a hobby and a tourist attraction for the hotel but soon I saw that there is a potential biz in, my products went out of stock pretty fast and I had to improve quantity and quality.

Today I own two 300 Ltr SS DIY plated stills powered by propane and solar electric energy (pic below)and a smaller 100Ltr SS DIY still for new receipts.

My actual products are whisky and some herb liquors, Im not a rum drinker and cant catalogize the quality but had some batches already.

Im also with plans to rectify sugar cane liquor with is made in the fields here and sell it under my license, I will need to built a vodka still for that objective soon.

Im producing Noni juice from proper plantations, with that I already had a lot of tools and the infrastructure done.

My license will be complete ready in the end of July 2010, its a lot of paperwork like in other countries but less rules of the fire department etc.

My far project is to produce about 5 commercial liquors; an absinthe included but never stop to find new delicious receipts.

The name of my distillery is Bonanza, my web will be up soon.

Thanks you all to accept me as a member, I will do my best to contribute something valued.



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Guest Bonanza

Would love to have you here Bill.

Call you tomorrow.


Im coming your way in August and would like to see your set-up.

Bill Owens ADI president

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