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Hi all, this is Dave.

I am with Decotech, a glass decorator and distributor located in Englewood, NJ. For 3 generations we have been decorating all types of glassware and containers for a number of industries. Recently we launched a program specifically to service the craft wine, spirits and brewing industries. All of our decorating techniques are performed under a single roof and include screen printing, pad printing, foil stamping, frosting, spray lacquering, decaling, heat transfer, ornamentation and pressure-sensitive labeling. We offer all of these on wine, spirit and specialty beer bottles. With all this we retain our strong environmental commitment and are officially a “Zero Waste-to-Landfill” compliant company; no easy task in our business.

Our program includes design, decoration and sourcing. Being within 30 miles from the Port of NY, we are well suited to import, decorate and distribute European bottles. We work Saverglass, Bruni Glass and others so we can provide you with turnkey service or we can simply assist with design and decoration. Our goal is to deliver "big time" decorating techniques on a "small scale" so that your premium products can exhibit the same shelf appeal as the big guys.

Please visit our website at www.decotech-inc.com to learn more about our company and view samples of our work. If you have something specific in mind, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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College nickname Bob, the story is not as interesting as it could be but there was beer involved. I'll do my best to pitch in, after 23 years in packaging I would like to think I picked up a few things.

Hello Dave, "Guppy"?

Thanks for the visit to our facility.

Be sure to help problem solve here at ADI when you have a chance.



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