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CO2 emission

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we are preparing for a zoning meeting and would like to be prepared for emission questions.our plan (Plan A) is to use 200 gallon fermenting vessels. starting with 2 vessels. how can we acquire rough estimates on CO2 emissions?

Thanks for any thoughts,


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You could mention that your fermenters are making less CO2 then an average car. Burning a pound of gasoline ( 6 ponds to the gallon ), produces something like 2.25 pounds of CO2. Burning a 20 gallon tank of gas would produce about 270 pounds of CO2.

I don't know if you want the math, but we could work it out...


I guess this is a useless answer? They are just concerned with safety / ventilation in the building?

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Hey all,

In the interest of science...I have some different sized flow meters for gases. If anyone would be interested in a little experiement I'd loan out a couple and the way to fairly accurately capture the quantity of a "standard" run of whatever you make. I realize that the flow changes dramatically and that one flow meter would not likely capture it, that said I think we could quantify the approximate liters of CO2 production and everyone could sleep a little better having a good answer. I remember Paul of M.B. Roland Distilleries asking a similar question. If someone already has a simple flow meter and could do a simple check of the quantities over a run, That would be great. I am curious too.

My thought is to have a small greenhouse adjacent to our distillery that we pipe the gases too. The plants would love it!

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