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Labeler and Jacketed SS Tanks Needed


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Here's a note from Chris Miller at Special Projects ... A used industrial equipment dealer that gets a lot of distillery equipment ...

If anyone has equipment they want/need to get rid of he's a good resource to do so too.



We have customers looking for some equipment. If you have

either of these and would like to get them out of you way, please let me know.

- Three station pressure sensitive labeler for 750 ml round bottles

-(2) 200 gallon stainless steel open top tanks with 50 psi jackets

We are always in need of equipment for customers and our stock. If you have any other items you would like to move please give me a call.

Thank you,

Chris Miller

Phone: 502-778-3883 x30

Fax: 502-778-3787

E-mail: cmiller@specialprojects.com

Check out our new online inventory catalog at:


We have new inventory arriving weekly! Come see our most recent acquisitions

at: http://www.specialprojects.com/public/stage/just_in.asp

Wanted items at http://www.specialprojects.com/public/stage/wanted.asp

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