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Hello all, I own a small family business in Katy and have been established in the community for sometime now. We were looking to diversify our business opportunities and at the same time my father (partner in business) started experimenting with small batch bourbons. We played around with the idea of opening a small grill/distillery/tasting room in Katy, but it seemed that prime locations were gone, until the development of the Katy Boardwalk District. It is not set to open until 2021, but have been approached to discuss a potential opportunity there. I am not looking for investors, rather I'm looking for those looking for a foot in the door. Partners in distilling and in hospitality. The plans for the boardwalk are well underway including a large hotel/conference center and over 600 multifamily units surrounding the boardwalk. The location is PRIME. I just need direction and vision to help this along. 

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