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SOLD!!Kothe 60 gallon Bain Marie Electric Still For Sale

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$42,000 or best offer

I'm selling my used 60 gallon Kothe Pot Still, It is currently single phase, but we can return it to it's 3 phase state if you prefer that.  It was originally wired that way and I had it converted to fit my rural electric system. It was built in 2010 and used for three years by Watershed Distilling in Columbus Ohio and then I got it in 2013, I didn't get it hooked up and running until summer of 2015. I am a very small distillery so I only ran it 6-8 times a month at most and this past year 4 times a month.  It is a Bain marie style still using a hot water bath to heat the distillate by conduction through the copper pot.  It has a 3 plate column on top and a CIP system which is fed from a hot water holding tank under the condenser.  It comes with the agitator and motor as well as the pump for the CIP. This is a great little still, I am only selling it as my electric company has decided to change my classification and the increase in cost is simply too great.  It is over 300% higher to keep running this.  I am currently running it on one element at a time to stay under the draw for the new rates. I am changing to steam which powers my Mash tun, stripping still. Please email me at rick@isantispirits.com.  Do not message me through the forum as I don't check the old email associated with this very often.












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