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OFFER : 11037-19

PRICE OF THE MACHINE : $116,644.00

A rotary machine is suitable for the application of shellac for glass cylindrical bottles.
Special grippers complete with bottles supports, for glass cylindrical bottles.
Stainless steel tank with a special cover for shell shelving positioned below the pliers' holder flange, made with electrical resistance at the bottom, to maintain liquid tank temperature.
Additional outlet tank for the drip of the shellac.
Motorization with a geared motor controlled by inverter, central gear, motion transmission system with gear equipped with a clutch.
Lifting system equipped with tensioners, chain and asynchronous motor for the electrical control of the height adjustment of the turret, all positioned below the plate of the basement.
Safety protection on standards, consisting of steering columns and stainless steel casings,
panels and top cover made in Lexan.
Independent electric panel to control/manage the machine in automatic mode, photocell at the input and output of the machine to detecting flow bottles.
Device for shellac storage and melting, connected to the machine, with a tank 20lt capacity and pump for melted shellac recirculation

Including PLC SCHNEIDER by 5,7" with touch screen, programming, and setup

Speed production: 4.000 BPH
Bottle dimensions: Diameter: 55-100 mm – Height: 180-350 mm

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