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Bulk Botanical Sources. Direct from the source?


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Hey folks,

We're looking at ramping up production of our gin and we're wondering if we can save on COGs by going direct to the source for Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, etc?  Anyone have experience with this?  And we've historically used Monterey Bay for the bulk of our botanicals, and we've been happy with them, but does anyone have any other sources, they'd be willing to share?

On a related note, what methods are you all using for storing dry botanicals?  Any issues with spoilage or botanicals going bad?  

Thanks in advance and happy gin making...


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Forget it.

You'll need to buy very large amounts to make it worthwhile, and correctly dry the products. For example, my spice trader takes juniper berries which are typically 40% moisture and dries them to around 18% moisture.

By the time you have everything in place (to process raw product) you have replicated a lot of what a spice trader does (at great expense).

Definitely not worth it.

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