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26 gallon boiler, six bubble plates, plus extra tc clamps and tubes

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I’ve got a 26 gallon stainless boiler with an electric controller and 1000 watt stainless heating element. Digital temperature controller set up by a licensed electrician I ran it at a building that uses three phase power but I’ve seen these modified for regular 120  vac power, six chamber bubble plate reflux column also a 2” copper pipe head setup to simulate scotch whiskey so you can interchange between reflux or straight pot still type run. Stainless steel condenser with parrot. A bunch of extra fittings, clamps and gaskets, and a couple extension pipes to move the parrot lower to make it easier to collect spirit depending on your setup needs. I’ve run both neutral grain distillations and full flavor whiskey/rum distillations through it with great results.

*Price Reduced

$2100 gets it all, basically plug and play

located in Southern California, can arrange shipping via UPS or Fed Ex. Average cost to go all the way to the East Coast is about $340







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