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Manual bottle washing machine

Uks Inc

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Manual bottle washing machine

Machine suitable for washing new or recycled glass bottles with labels in paper resistant to washing detergent and attached using hydro-soluble glue.

Production (with recycling bottles): ~ 100/300 BPH.
Production (with new bottles): ~ 500 BPH.
Electric alimentation: 220-400 Volt - 50 Hz.
Bottle format: universal.

Washing cycle :
A - Manual loading of the dirty bottles: the operator, opens the cover and positions manually the bottles
in the special washing stations. The machine is predisposed to contain 15 dirty bottles.
B - Once closed the cover, the bottles are run over (internally and externally) from a big flow of warm water with detergent (NaOH 1~3% - 70°C) for effect the washing and the label removal.
C - Finishing the washing, the operator manually moves the bottles washed by the washing station to the rinsing station, freeing the place for other dirty bottles. It positions other dirty bottles in the special washing stations and, once closed the cover, it restarts the machine.
D - Finishing the new washing/rinsing cycle, the operator removes washing and rinsing bottles from the machine manually moves the washed bottles by the washing station to the rinsing station and loading
the new dirty bottles in the washing stations.

The machine is equipped with :
1 - The machine is in compliance with Machine Directive 2006/42/CE dated May 17, 2006.
2 - Frame of the washer made with plates and outlined in stainless steel type Aisi 304. Outside finishing with an external micro glass ball.
The internal tanks are with inclined bottom for facilitating cleaning, and suitably profiled to equip the structure with greater rigidity and resistance. Ample doors in stainless steel are provided for
cleaning the tanks and principal cover in steel glazed inox, hinging at the structure with the opening system "easy-open".
3 - Safety protection (with safety limit switch) positioned on the opening cover: when the operator opens the cover the machine instantly jams the washing operation.
4 - Inside washing system made with special penetrating nozzles at high pressure. External washing and label removal made with special nozzles with a high flow rate and low head.
The water currents are carried on a filter (always made in stainless steel) for filtering the detergent solution and for separated the labels.
The pumps are of the monoblock centrifugal type with pump body and impeller in stainless steel type AISI 316. The external showers are of “easy maintenance” because extremely easy to get off and to clean.
5 - Rinsing stations made with special penetrating nozzles and the external rinsing made through nozzles fed by the net water. On the rinsing alimentation (mains water supply) there is installed an economy valve that interrupts water flow to the machine when it is stopped.
6 - The detergent solution heating plant can be furnished, without price variation with:
- heating exchanger (always made in stainless steel ready for steam alimentation, automatically control by an electro-pneumatic valve with respective condensation vents;
- incorporated combustion room (included burner);
- electric heating.
The washing temperature is easily adjustable through a thermostat.

Price:  $29,116.00 Ex work


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