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Hello from Regensburg, Germany

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Hi there, my friend and I run a cocktail website, whereby we post cocktails and do content surrounding it. We are relatively new to the game, but we also started a podcast called Booze & Banter, whereby we review and critique craft distillers spirits. 

It is all a labour of love mostly, as we do not earn a living from it (both of us have full-time jobs). But we really enjoy getting together and trying new drinks from around the world, that we would otherwise never taste. We then try making cocktails with the spirit ( recipes are usually recommended to us by the distiller) and critiquing them as well. It usually ends with both of us being quite silly and talking nonsense, but there is some insightful stuff that goes before that. 

I am also a content writer, so I create articles about the craft distillery and their products. Creating content is not easy, especially for small distilleries who do not have the budget for marketing.

If anyone is interested in having their unique spirit honestly reviewed, by a Brit and an American, get it touch with me via our contact page.

Warm regards to all the distillers out there, making things that have never been tasted before!!!


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