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Arnold Holstein 220L still value


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Hi there,


I'm considering selling our 220L Arnold Holstein still in New Zealand and trying to work out its value?  Does anyone have any idea on what it would sell for?


Its a natural gas fired water bath still, approx 30 years old in good condition.





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I am not of any help as to the value, but I would like to ask a few questions about the operation of your still. Due to various factors, including local regulations, space constraints, and others, I am installing a new 200 gallon water bath direct fired still to produce Whisky and fruit brandies. The structure is designed to be operated with the hangar style doors wide open and allowing for maximum air circulation.

I am have a tough time sourcing a burner with a modulating flame and high turndown ratio. The still manufacturer recommends that I have 300,000 btu/hr max heat input, but I assume that under slow distilling runs I will need to be able to turn that way down. There exist modulating burners this size, but not so many, and none are stock items in Chile. Riello international has been absolutely un-contactable. Can you describe your burner, and any details of how you run it during the heat-up and distilling process? Any photos of the burner and firebox would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

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