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Cranberry Liqueur


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   I am doing trials for an Organic Cranberry Liqueur and I'm having some issues with gelatinization occurring overnight after blending the juice and Neutral Cane spirit. It is happening randomly to some samples while others seem to be fine. I am boiling down the cranberries myself, sweetening (with sugar and raw honey) and filtering the juice prior to blending with the Cane spirit base (which I am proofing down to 120 proof before blending). I assume that the pectins in the cranberries (and subsequent juice) are reacting with the alcohol over time after blending. 

   As I said, I am filtering the juice through a course and then a sterile set of pads. I haven't used any fining agents prior to filtration and my guess is that the pectins are getting through, then reacting with the alcohol (although I am filtering at about 38 degrees F.). Has anyone had any experience with this? Recommendations? The flavor profile is beautiful and I am on the right track, I just don't want to putt 'jello in the bottle' on the shelf. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.








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For the record, I have had this same issue occur with a batch of blueberry in which the blueberries were heat processed, strained of liquid, combined with equal the juice weight in sugar with an addition of acid. Years later, it remains in a gelatin state in the bottle. As I understand, the reason the pectin begins to structure is because there is a certain concentration of sugar, acid (which cranberries naturally contain a lot of) and water within the same solution. The fact that a given volume of your spirit contains mostly ethanol means that only a bit of water is reacting with a lot of sugar, acid and naturally occurring fruit pectin.

So, needless to say, I am interested in how this turns out for you. Let me know.

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