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Rye and Bourbon - ideal for RTD Cocktail

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Bourbon and Rye - Ideal for a RTD cocktail line for sale

I have a some accelerated aged Rye and Bourbon for sale that I was planning to use for a ready to drink cocktail line.

All was sourced from MGP and accelerated by Spiritech in California at 6 months old. Highly competitive pricing offered. If you're starting a RTD line or wanting to supplement a current line this is ideal spirit.

Detail on the product available:

  1. 247.5 proof gallons (275 gal) of Bourbon at 90 proof - $16 per wine gallon
  2. 269 proof gallons (330 gal) of 95% Rye at 81.8 Proof - $17 per wine gallon
  3. 100.5 proof gallons of Rye Distillate at 134 proof - $7 per wine gallon
  4. 163.4 proof gallons (140 gal) Unprocessed 95% Rye @ 116.7 proof  - $12 per wine gallon
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