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New!! 50g Steam Still w/4 plate, 100g steam Mash Tun, 3x100g Fermenters.

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IMG_1414.thumb.jpg.73c6cbb139c83430e510f8370759148e.jpgIMG_1122.thumb.jpg.dc3c5d93d0db395adc91d485187bf71d.jpgIMG_1123.thumb.jpg.7a6bfa2347bd48607348afcce826d970.jpg For sale is a NEW!!! 50 gallon steam jacketed copper still , NEW!!  100 gallon steam mash tun, NEW!!!  3X100 gallon fermenters.  it comes with everything shown on those attached prints.  I bought them all five years ago to start a distillery and things didn't work out so I've decided to sell them.  Located in Metro Detroit. 7347597600 $25,000

Drawing Style 2 Copper kettle Flange connection-2.pdf Drawing 400L steam jacketed Mash tun 2015.03.05)-Model-2.pdf Drawing 400L Single Layer Fermenter(2015.03.12)-Model.pdf

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