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For sale Alembic Still, Fermenters, custom bottling line & more...


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Light used distilling equipment for sale includes:

Beautiful French Styled Alembic Still

This beautiful  still was custom built for us in 2013 by The Vendome Copper and Brass Company of Louisville, KY.

This is a complete distillery including the 500 gallon still, 300 gallon preheater and 700 gallon Worm Condenser.  Also Included are two 1500 gallon Cypress Fermenters,

Heads and Tails Tank (100 gallons), Spirit Tank (300 gallons) ,Boiler, Bottling Line, Bottle Filler, 300 gallon Processing Tank and Pallet Scale.

Everything needed to commence production and there is the possibility that the distillery can be used in placed pending new lease agreement.

$600,000.00 If interested please call 931-433-5454 to discuss



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