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2,200 gal infused vodka

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We're exiting the conventional spirits business to focus on organics only, so we'd like to find a home for 2,200 gallons of infused vodka in 7 exotic flavors. All vodka is 70-proof and made from a base of wheat and potato spirits. What could you do with these infused spirits?

- Re-distill in a column to recover alcohol,

- Re-distill + further rectify for a seasonal products or

- Simply package for a great-value finished goods.

All material is ready to ship in 55 gal drums, with a minimum order quantity of one drum. We're serious about selling -- figure out what it's worth to you and make us an offer. Samples available for consideration. Here's what we have on hand:

- Grapefruit Honey: 725 gallons available. Rated 5 stars by Spirits Journal.

- Pear Lavender: 375 gallons available. Light and floral. Best option for alcohol recovery.

- Three Tea: 315 gallons available. Complex. Rectify to produce a fashionable 'sweet tea' flavored vodka.

- Black Truffle: 260 gallons available. Pungent and rich. Not suitable for alcohol recovery.

- Chocolate Orange: 250 gallons available. Ideal candidate for seasonal product.

- Celery Peppercorn: 180 gallons available. Green and spicy.

- Candied Ginger: 150 gallons available. Fruity and sweet ginger spice. Great blending component, easily sweetened to a liqueur or bar syrup.

Drop me an email or call at 213.949.3569.


Melkon Khosrovian

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