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53 - 60 gallon Barrel Racks for Sale

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We have 36 racks for sale. These will hold anywhere from 53 gallon to 60 gallon barrels, two per rack. Stackable. Don't recommend more than 4 stacks high if you want to be able to move them without unstacking.

22 are in great condition, bought from manufacturer. Selling for $75 each, $60 each if you take them all.

14 are fairly well used and have missing paint, dents (but still usable and stackable) and some rust (we purchased these from another distillery who had purchased these from a winery who...  you get the picture). Selling for $50 each, $35 each if you take them all.

We will stack and band them for shipping. You can pick up, you can arrange shipping, or we can arrange shipping for a separate fee.

These are in Austin, TX.

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