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Three Segment Heat Exchanger

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Hi All,

For sale is a three segment heat exchanger with 1” tri-clamp fittings and about 60 feet of 1” copper pipe per section. The copper was brazed at all joints and has bar stock reinforcement on the coils.

We used this mostly in an open cooling loop - meaning cooling water came from our well and was dumped to free flowing irrigation. We also used it with a closed loop cooling system, but to do that you have to use a return pump to avoid pressurizing the drums - the lids will pop off at a few psi.

We were able to cool 185F mash to 80F at between 8 gpm and 15gpm depending on incoming water temp. We went to a larger jacketed pipe heat exchanger a few years ago. One of the bourbons we made with this won a gold medal at San Francisco, beating Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare and several other big names.

If you are looking to start a bourbon operation on a budget, this is a nice choice. Should be paired with a stout positive displacement pump (I’m a Waukesha man myself), as this is a long way to pump mash. We went through this and up a 2” pipe to the top of a 13’ tall fermenter with no issues. 

There are clear braided hose sections between the drums so you can see where the mash is, and the coils are tri-clamped into the drums for removal and cleaning. We would simply purge it out with clean hot water after draining the drums

You can come by and look at it if you’re in the area - this is located in Durham, NC. Asking $2,750. It would cost you more than that just to buy the drums and copper tubing. 

DM if interested. 







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