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stainless steel heat exchanger

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This is a stainless steel 2 in inlet counterflow heat exchanger. This is a free flow heat exchanger so you can run Mash's with grain on through this to cool. It cools 165° mash down to 85°you can also lower your carbon footprint by preheating mash water or using to heat facilities. This unit has triclamps connectors. It has stainless steel mounting plates you can mount right to the floor or ceiling. This unit is 30 feet long. 2 1/2 feet tall 8 inches wide.

Asking $11,000 plus shipping. Located in upstate New York. You can email me at urbanahilldistilling@gmail.comIMG_20220116_154306565.thumb.jpg.359b0c93a2105745567488f1405d04be.jpg

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