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375 ML Glass bottles for sale - Vetro Outlaw

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I have two untouched pallets of 375ML bottles for sale and a couple of half pallets that are also in great shape. Total bottles comes out to ~8,300 bottles. Pictures and technical specs are attached. 

This it the Outlaw design from Vetro Elite. Very quality bottles that I do not need anymore as we have transitioned into a custom mold. 

I paid $1.10/bottle for these and am asking for $1/bottle. I would prefer to sell them all at once, but can piece out the pallets, if needed. Purchaser is responsible for paying and setting up shipping. 

Shoot me a message if you're interested.




Outlaw Bottle Spec.pdfPXL_20220314_134816995.thumb.jpg.5d855077d46683790b09fca34734d609.jpgPXL_20220314_134752603.thumb.jpg.bbad311bd40907556f8d330c9ea8d5ba.jpg

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