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charcoal filtering

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Dear colleagues, master distillers and passionate hobbyists,

We each have our own techniques of polishing that old vodka and our own process seems to be the secret key ingredient that has make your vodka smoother than water.. Even Coke is dying to steel it and put it in that secret vault that houses the special ingredients. Yet, as long as we have some good contact time with the carbon, we should produce an odorless and clean vodka.. Yes, each batch varies and through the cycle of the carbon, consistency will gradually be lost until we reactivate the carbons again.

I thought we all can share with our other fellow distillers, some educational notes to see what we each do to improve our quality of the vodka..

I would love to hear others and their methods and the results they achieve..

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The way I read this is:

"We have the secret to making flavorless vodka. So why don't you tell us what you do to make your vodka flavorless. Tell us your secrets because we won't tell you ours."

But perhaps I'm just a cynical old person, without a happy bone in their body, so I could very well be misreading it. huh.gif

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I have a question about this from discussions I've been having with some other distillers and spirits folk around here.

For those who are distilling vodka themselves (not redistilling NGS), are you really shooting for neutral? I know the legal definition

but pot distilled vodka has more flavor coming off the still.

Are you trying to convince your customers that there's more to vodka than carbon and the flavor of alcohol? I've made vodka from apples, grain, grapes, they all have slight differences, and those can either be accentuated or almost completely removed.


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