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500 Gallon, 8-plate hybrid still with gin basket for sale

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For Sale

500-gallon Bridgetown Brew Systems hybrid still. Located in Oregon the system was used only once for cleaning cycles. The company has moved away from distilling operations to contract only so the still is no longer needed. Still has been disassembled by Bridgetown to make room for additional equipment and as such is available to ship immediately. Asking price is $135k, buyer is responsible for shipping & crating costs. Dimensional drawing available upon request. For inquiries please contact me direct at brian@riversbendspirits.com. Sale includes;

  • 500-gallon dual steam jacketed pot still with whiskey helmet
  • 240 VAC / 3-phase agitator
  • 8 plate rectifying column & stand
  • Gin basket, condenser, and all ancillary piping

Still #1.jpg

Still #2.jpg

Still #3.jpg

Still #4.jpg

Still #5.jpg

Still #6.jpg

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