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New representation for Fermentis Yeast products

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Good Day,

My company AlBevCon which up until now was primarily involved in distillery and brewery conception, planning, design, on-site project management, product design and training has found a solution to a recurrent problem that has been mentioned by many. Cost of yeast. Most distillers are forced to buy small 500 gram packages of yeast to ferment their products. Since these are small packets, they are quite costly. It is also a hassle to have to open so many packets just to pitch a proper volume of cells for your fermentations.. Buying this yeast in these quantities will drastically reduce your yeast expense, particularly if you are distilling off of grain fermentations.

In answer to this dilemma, I am proud to announce that AlBevCon has been chosen to represent the Fermentis (Lesaffe) distilling strains in 5 KG package sizes. Initially we will be stocking the SafWhisky-M1 strain as that is the yeast most in demand, but if there is sufficient interest we will begin stocking their other lines. This strain is the original Scotch strain in use by many famous Scottish distilleries even today. Fortunately it also can be used to make quality bourbons. For those looking for an even more traditional bourbon strain, that is available too, but at this point by special order unless demand dictates that we stock it in our inventory.

Here is a list of their present products and links to their specifications.

Single Malt Whisky Strain (SafWhisky M-1) http://www.fermentis.com/FO/pdf/Spirits/EN/Safwhisky%20M-1_EN.pdf

Bourbon Whisky Strain (SafWhisky RS ) AKA "Red Star": http://www.fermentis.com/FO/pdf/Spirits/EN/RSWhiskey_EN.pdf

DADY (Dry Active Distiller's Yeast) : The choice for vodka producers due to it's high alcohol tolerance and quick fermentation: http://www.fermentis.com/FO/pdf/Spirits/EN/DADY_EN%20.pdf

The yeast is shipped directly from the factory and stored in our warehouse at 50 degrees which will always ensure a fresh stock.

Feel free to contact us craftbrewfreak@yahoo.com


Eric. D. Watson

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