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Popcorn Sutton Distilling Company

Popcorn Sutton

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Popcorn Sutton Distilling Company- is looking for people with a wide range of backgrounds in the Manufacoring of Beer and Distilled spirits.

Our Distillery is located in Nashville TN. We have a wide range of positions available. This is truely one of the most important stories/companies in spirits in the last 150 years. And we'd love to hear from you

Please email your resume to: jacquelyn@jandmconcepts.com


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Those who have been around the still a time or two can taste the mash, and tell more about what was going on inside the batch, than a person with a college degree. I won't tell you where oldtimers like popcorn would say to put the thermometer. I have been around the old timers all my life, and have learned a great deal. This is not the type of thing that can be put on a resume, but when I do get the funds to start my company I will carry this knowledge with me. The sad thing is that the old timers are getting well, OLD and the art that has been developed over the years is being lost. I hope that I will live long enought to pass a secret or two along Legally, as jail will not be on my resume. I hope POPCORN'S legend never dies. Men like him are what made America. I only hope the spirit that this company makes is a spirit that we can all be proud to drink. Do Popcorn proud, only hire people in accounting with a degree.

Good Luck

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