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Who needs a marketer?

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Hail mary pass here but no risk...no reward.

I love the spirits world; I love the process, the stories, the liquid. It's where I belong I'm hoping that this post will find the eyes of someone who is looking for an experienced and flexible marketer as this industry is very hard to break (back) in to.

I cut my teeth in the 3 tier world at an AB distributor and I loved it but life pulled my career in other directions. For the past decade I have been climbing the corporate ladder working for brands such as Red Bull, T-Mobile, Mars Inc and Colgate Palmolive in senior CPG marketing roles, with great success, but I've made the decision to love my job again and with that I'm focusing exceptionally hard on returning to the industry.

I crave an agile work environment, thrive in ambiguity and have a true passion for building brands from the ground up; especially those telling the underdog/ David & Goliath story. With those skill sets, I have focused on being a well rounded "generalist"; who is very comfortable discussing our pricing strategy in the morning, presenting the media retargeting plan to the C-suite over lunch, and then setting up the 10x10 in the evening at an event. What separates me from the herd is my copious amounts of energy coupled with tenacity that make me a true change agent. An eye for strategy doesn't hurt either...

If you are seeking someone for roles such as; marketing director, brand manager, channel marketing manager, experiential marketer, field marketing manager/director. I would love to throw a resume over to you and continue this discussion. Sadly my biggest hurdle to the industry right now is relocation. I am currently bound to the Midwest and after several interviews with the large manufacturers I understand that this is often a deal breaker. That being said I would fully embrace a travel-in arrangement and will be able to relocate in the next 5 years.

Reach out: DanInMarketing@gmail.com




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