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Distiller - Richland Rum - Brunswick, GA


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The House of Richland Rum

The Richland Distilling Company LLC, founded in 1999, (www.richlandrum.com) consists of Richland Estate -where sugar cane is cultivated- and a Distillery in Richland, Georgia.  The company operates a second Distillery in Brunswick, Georgia. Both facilities have tasting rooms and retail sales. 

The Distilleries only produce Rum made directly from Richland Estate cane. Richland Rum is distributed in 19 states in the US and exported to 11 countries.

The Distilleries have a much greater purpose than production alone. They each have been designed, built, and decorated as the ‘House of Richland Rum’ for the purpose of enabling visitors to experience first-hand how Richland Rum is crafted from field to glass. As such, the facilities serve as the physical manifestation of the brand; they are the ‘Houses’ where the brand comes to life and where patrons are invited to experience the brand and get an in-depth understanding of the product behind the brand.

In line with the above, retail sales of bottled product and poured drinks and retail sales of all merchandise are always conducted as part of the overall brand experience, not as a hospitality function. The primary objective of all consumer activities -tours, tastings, retail sales and events- is to promote Richland Rum, highlight the unique way in which it is made, and communicate the brand values. This objective defines all actions and approaches taken by Richland Rum personnel when interacting with patrons at the Distilleries. The Distillery is a unique place where an exceptional product is crafted, not a bar or an event space. This distinction should always be manifest.

Richland Rum’s Brunswick Distillery operates two electrically heated, 250-gallon pot stills with traditional pre-heaters.  Hand hammered copper stills have been built by the Hoga Company in Portugal.  Raw material for the Rum is pure, unrefined sugar cane syrup produced by the company’s own sugar cane farm in Richland, Georgia.  The Distillery dilutes and ferments the syrup and distills the wine.  Foreshots, - heads, - hearts, - and tails cuts are defined by observation. 

The ideal candidate is independent, self-starter, motivated, enthusiastic and has a love for the process of creating an all-natural, agricultural Rum.  Full-time position located in Brunswick, Georgia.

Experience is required along with references. A background check will be required along with the signing of a contract and NDA.

Work Experience

Our distiller is preferred to have work experience that reflects their ability to create high-quality spirits, manage staff, talk to the public, maintain high levels of food safety, and maintain immaculate records. Beneficial experience and attributes include the following:

Commercial experience in distilling alcohol and managing production lines

Demonstrated ability to manage staff

Affinity to liaise with customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and the media

Advanced knowledge of all aspects of the beverage production line

Well-developed sensory skills for tasting and evaluating spirits

Scientific knowledge and interest

Project management skills

Managerial skills

Communication skills and comfortable publicly speaking

Methodical, logical and detail oriented

Computer skills

General repairs and maintenance skills a plus


Traditionally, distillers gained their position by working at distilleries for many years and improving their craft. Nowadays, most distillers benefit from having an academic qualification chemistry, biology, food science, microbiology or biochemistry.


-Manage day-to-day operations of the distillery: the Distiller oversees every aspect of production including fermentation, distillation, maturation, and bottling.

-Record Keeping and regulatory filings: the Distiller is responsible for immaculate record keeping of all aspects of processing and storing of all raw materials, and products. He/she ensures that all regulatory and governmental reporting and filings are completed in a timely fashion and that accurate reports are always on hand for inspections.

-Designing a comprehensive sampling and recording program: Improving the quality of the spirits produced by the distillery is the primary responsibility of the distiller. He/she must create a program which samples and records the quality of the product produced and works towards improving that quality.

-Longer Term Liquid Planning: the Distiller must plan how to store spirits over longer periods.

-Maintain process logs: Each phase of the distillation process must be logged and detailed records should be kept to ensure that the product meets quality guidelines and government reporting rules 

-Brand promotion, product expertise and public interaction: the distiller will liaise with visitors of the distilleries, the media, other distilleries, and wholesalers to explain and promote Richland Rums unique distilling process.  The distiller actively participates in providing an exceptional experience for all participants in guided tours of the distilleries.

-Plan staff training and development: the distiller may sometimes be responsible for training staff to perform specific tasks including fermenting, distilling, record keeping, and cleaning.

-Maintain hygiene and food safety standards: Care must be taken throughout the distillation process to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and food safety. The master distiller must ensure staff are working to the highest standards.


Richland Distilling Company LLC

Contact: Caitlin Joyce Gonzalez, caitlin@richlandrum.com

333 Broad Street, Richland GA 31825    |  1406 Newcastle Street, Brunswick GA 31520

Job Description - Rum Distiller Brunswick - Online Version.docx

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