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offering 50mL bottles co-packing

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Hi All,

We are happy to announce we can handle your 50mL liquor bottles (filling, capping and labeling). 
We offer great pricing and quick turnaround. 
The holiday season is coming up so please feel free to reach out if you need any help. 
Joel Frias 804-218-7692
jfrias@fgfcopacking. com - www.fgfcopacking.com

50mL bottles.jpg

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Hi Joel - I just saw your posting. I own Cru Bottling Systems in Napa. We make a small, very compact bottling line for the 50ml bottles. I don't know what kind of botting line(s) you currently use for these 50ml, but if you have a need for a smaller line for your smaller quantity runs, please reach out. Our filler can do 1000+ bottles per hour, and we also offer cappers (ROPP or KERR), labelers and rinsers. You can see more here, including our pricing, videos, etc... Cru Bottling Systems

I know this is still a niche but growing market, and if we can help you with the smaller run equipment, please ask.  

Thanks Joel!


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