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Closed Distillery For Sale Southern Missouri

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Up for sale is our distillery in southern Missouri. This is including We have


2 - 50 gallon stills

Control panel

Bottler Filtration system


Bar stools 6

4 tables 8 stools


Shot glasses

Margarita glasses

640 empty bottles with corks

40 gallons 160 proof whiskey

10 gallons 150 proof rum

10 gallons of apple pie

6 cases of fifths of apple pie

150 pint bottles of apple pie

40 bottles of banana rum (fifth)

Several other miscellaneous items


All you need with this is a building!

Asking $45,000

This link takes you to the pictures in Google Photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/6jVR5RZJEmJVvDfdA

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