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Microcanner MC Atomic Single Head Can Filler

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Microcanner MC Atomic - Single Head Can Filler


Jon O'Connor

Long Road Distillers



The description below is from Microcanner where we bought this machine new in April of 2021. Single head can filler which is both portable and can be operated by one person. It has worked awesome for our operation as we have used it for canning Spirit Based Ready to Drink Canned Cocktails. We have outgrown it for our needs and had to expand our canning capacity. This canner would be great for a small brewer or distiller looking to try RTD beverages.



8, 12, 16 and 19 Oz. cans / Standard LOE 202 -Sleek Kit is available - 1

10 v Standard (220 Euro special order) -

NANO Counter-top - 56 LBS - 12" Deep x 27" Long, 28" Tall -

ATOMIC $19,000 (Current New Price from Microcanner)

This machine is geared toward the Nano Brewery who would like a low D.O., affordable, canning option for to-go packaging.

Cans are manually loaded to the feed chute and drop to a rinse bucket when complete.

For more information check out www.microcanner.com






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