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Cocktail Bitters Brand & IP for Sale

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Craft cocktail bitters brand (Embitterment, based in Washington, D.C.) is for sale, including all IP, TTB approved formulations, and transitional consulting. This includes:

  • 8 SKUs, with formulations
  • TTB paperwork and approvals
  • Process and QA documentation
  • Brand graphics and assets
  • Existing, compliant packaging worth $11K
  • Inventory worth $35K
  • Warm handoffs to suppliers and vendors

I started this brand back in 2014 with the hope of eventually scaling up. However, we were underfunded from the start and have finally run out of runway. Making bitters in-house is easy for distillers, requires minimal space, and is a huge value add to any tasting room store, cocktail bar, or bespoke collaboration. It's also a great way to enter into the RTD cocktail game by making canned or bottled Old Fahsioneds or other drinks for your customers to enjoy.

For inquiries and pricing, please contact me directly by emailing eric@modernbarcart.com. I want this to be a great deal for anyone who is interested.

Embitterment Essentials Variety Pack.png

Embitterment Heritage Collection.jpg

Edited by Eric Kozlik
Updated value of existing inventory and packaging.
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