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Pump and Hose Question

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I did some research and found that a FloJet pump would be a good starter pump. I bought a FloJet Double Diaphram Polypropylene body Kalrez 6190 diaphram with Vitron Extreme check valve seals. 

What is the best tubing to hook up to it for mixing the ethanol and water?

Someone told me that some hoses can make the liquid cloudy. Not wanting that.

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Hopefully you got the groundable version of the pump, the Flojet G70. Not all of those little Flojet pumps are groundable. The non-groundable ones like the G57 will have big warning stickers on them indicating they shouldn't be used with fuel, or with any liquid that has a flash point below 100 °F.

For hose, if you're using the plastic barbs we sell a light-duty distillery tubing that's been quite popular. It's polypropylene-lined, and very lightweight and flexible. It shouldn't be used for holding high pressure.

We sell stainless port barbs for these pumps that will allow you to affix industrial hose like 3/4" GlideTech distillery. We've tried with the plastic barbs the pump comes with, and they'll crack or collapse when you use higher-pressure bands to affix real industrial hoses.

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