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Whisky Yeast Now Available

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Greetings to all,

A bit ago I announced that my company AlBevCon was selected as the exclusive representative for Lasaffre's Fermentis M1 whisky yeast strain, which is the original Scotch whisky strain. Presently I am importing in directly from the factory rather than it going through the US office. This has created delays due to customs procedures, brokerage issues and the lot that importers have to go through ( and is new to me). This is also a new arrangement for Lasaffre, so we are still working out the best way to ensure that I can supply customers with the yeast when they need it. They are currently working on a plan where they import and inventory it for me and I can drop ship from their Milwaukee location. This will also lower the cost, but the present cost I offer is already pretty low even though I am paying over $2,000 in airfreight per pallet.

Well, I finally got over the hurdles of doing so and landed my first pallet of M1 last month and it sold out in 1 week. I subsequently ordered another pallet that landed in a different customs zone and got held up for a while to meet their different requirements which was a surprise to both me and my import broker. BUT, I am now back in stock! If there is anyone out there who wants close to pallet quantities, contact me ASAP so that I can can get the shipment arranged. I expect within 6 months this will no longer be an issue, but I want to make sure that I can do my best to meet your needs until the alternate arrangements are worked out where it is warehoused for me in Milwaukee.

There are 64 10KG boxes per pallet and 21 are already spoken for. So, I have the remainder left for sale. If you are not familiar with this strain it is one of the most popular yeasts used by the large scotch producers and also does a spectacular job with bourbon. Here is a link to the tech sheet: http://www.fermentis...ky%20M-1_EN.pdf

I have ready for immediate shipment the M1 strain.... the minimum order is 1 box which holds 2, 5KG sachets. If stored carefully and in a cool and dry location, this yeast will hold it's performance for over 1 year. If you have concerns over using partial pitch amounts, I can supply instructions to ensure that the yeast does not get contaminated before using all of it. The recommended pitch rate is .75 grams per liter of wort.

Introductory pricing: $200 per 10 KG + shipping.

Presently I can only accept payment by check (may have clearance delays), money order, wire transfer or PayPal. With PayPal you can use credit cards but there is a 3% charge for doing so. I chose this method because the other credit card methods wanted to charge larger amounts.... 3.5 -4% as well as annual fees I would have to pay and did not want to have to pass the greater burden on to the customer.

Feel free to contact me directly(preferred): craftbrewfreak@yahoo.com

Have a great holiday season!

Eric D. Watson


Consulting: Distillery, brewpub and microbrewery plant design, on-site project management, product formulation, staff recruitment and training, business plan and target market assessment assistance. Lasaffre yeast distributor.

Cell: 304.641.6166

LL: 505.820.0004

Warehouse: 304.842.3457 (not for placing orders, just to check on shipment status)

Note: Presently I am in New Mexico building out a single malt whisky and brandy plant. Cell service can be spotty due to the nearly 13,000' mountains I am surrounded by. During my usual work hours of 9-5 MST I am reachable by cell, after that due to where I live, cell service is not available so call the LL number.

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That sounds great! Nice to see that come our way.

On the subject of customs and importing... I too have experienced this problem. It's kind of like every customs port of entry has it's own set of interpretations on the same rules. Depending on where you clear customs. The good thing is that you get to decide where it clears customs by where you have it shipped to, then have it trucked to you afterwards. The broker can have it land in say, Newark, NJ, clear customs there, and have it trucked out to you in NM. Just an example. Funny, but when it comes into one of the smaller ports and is unfamiliar to them, there's always some issue. In my limited experience, I always felt it better to clear in the biggest port closest to me. I've seen these issues with antique cars and bikes. Best of luck, looking forward to being a customer this year coming.


edit: always try to use a broker in the same port as where it clears customs, otherwise they are using another broker to do their work for them and adding that cost to yours. Plus brokers develop relationships with customs officials, and when they work together on stuff often, it tends to go smoother.

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