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500 gallon mash cooker, crash chiller, platform, GPI flowmeter

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5oo gallon mash cooker. It is a repurposed milk pasturizer. It has some dents, and It is kind of a hodge podge set-up, but it worked for us. The VFD, steam trap, platform, GPI flowmeter and chiller also come with the package. The chiller is a 4 ton homemade set-up. It cools the mash down from 210F to 155F in about 1. 5 hrs it will make 410 gallons of mash in about 8 hrs with the right steam input. There is a 500 gallon water tank that comes with the system. It is a good set-up for a budget conscious distillery 10,000 obo. Please call or text 301-573-6988


Chiller readout.jpg

mash cooker.jpg

Steam trap.jpg

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