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Two-stage pot still for sale ($6,000)

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We recently purchased a larger still and plan on selling our old equipment.  A propane burner (included) heats mash in the first tank (150 gallon capacity), the vapor is piped down into the bottom of the second tank (also 150 gallons), then vapor from the second tank condenses in the copper worm (approx. 25 feet long) cooled by cold water in the barrel.  New pressure release valves were recently installed on both tanks.

We used this still primarily to make brandy, and when distilling a normal lot of wine, we would get about 16 gallons at 120 proof, then another 16 gallons ranging from 120 proof to 80 proof.  When re-distilling higher proof spirits, the still can produce liquor up to around 170 proof.

Asking $6,000 still ships from North Carolina1.thumb.jpg.3634123f570941d4b5186e3d2d12b50f.jpg2.thumb.jpg.8a2b6be04be5b32a5299d749bbbeb5d1.jpg3.thumb.jpg.7b4f32856ed30203da0afca2faa8502f.jpg4.thumb.jpg.1b8fc59dbebfc5dbd4aacbb4f7e0a6e3.jpg5.thumb.jpg.e40a4eb98e15f18aed218e18e02cd343.jpg6.thumb.jpg.6720f460d29bc1715f9ff6169f4365cc.jpg7.thumb.jpg.d3cb5e6ca5effdb9724adc63cb65acc0.jpg

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