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Semi Automatic Sleeve Sealer &Tunnel Baler great for RTD's or VAPS ( $6,500 )

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This is a lightly used machine fully functional. No-longer needed. Buyer responsible for shipping. 


Footprint 3.5m x 1.2m

Seal bar 700mm wide

max product hieght 300mm

Packing Speed 420pph

Air Supply 8 bar

Power Supply 3ph/n/e x 2

power rating 1 kw and 20kw

Film, Polythene

Tunnel Aperture 600 x 400mm high

Machine Weight 300kg + 550g

Semi Automatic Sleeve Sealer and tunnel ideal for transit packaging, trays of cans, bottles etc, plus a whole host of other uses. Click on the Specifications tab to read more and to view other machine options such as exit conveyors, larger seal area all in one machines etc.

Semi automatic Sleeve Sealer which is slightly different in that this is usually used for distribution purposes such as overwrapping and multipack, cans, bottles,bundles etc. This process needs single wound polythene. There are two reel carriages one at top and one at bottom. When starting new reels you need to first seal the two together. You then put the product into the film and then press a button and the seal arm comes down forming a final seal and then the product will automatically move into the shrink tunnel. See the ST6030 Sleeve Sealer and tunnel in action:





ST630-5 (2).jpg



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