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Hubert Germain-Robin - Consultant- agents for Chalvignac stills & N.A.O barrels

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FOR SALE: Beautiful ALAMBIC POT STILL OF 900 liters/ 235gls

 * completely refurbished including pot, pre-heater, condenser, burner, control box, temp regulator...(can be modified to steam)

 * energy saving: insulated pot, pre-heater saves time and energy.

 * direct fire in a copper still favors the "Maillard reaction" creating what's called a"taste cascade", where hundreds of new flavor components develop,thus making your whiskies, rums, brandies, fruits...a lot more complex.

 * great opportunity special price: 90000 euros before shipping from Cognac.

 * contact: hubertgermainrobin@gmail.com

                   tel: +33-7-87-08-03-21


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