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Hello fellow ADI members
I`ve been lurking the forum for some time and now decided to finally join to share my experience and to get in touch with distillers worldwide.

About me:
Been running distillery since 2016, currently working with 250 liter column and main products are different berry infusions, gin and vodka. In this whole journey been through it all - from building the distillery in abandoned house, digging through all of the licensing paperwork, valuable lesson why it is bad idea to start business with friends and so on. Currently all is streamlined and running well so for the last year I`ve been helping the new enthusiasts  with starting their dream of  distillery, so if anyone has any questions about do`s and dont`s feel free to contact me. Although I`m operating from Latvia and do not know the legislation in US, the basics of setting up are basically the same  worldwide. Also if someone is thinking about opening up distillery in Europe - we have some of the cheapest licensing costs here.

Have a nice day, drop a line and keep on burning that stove :) 


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