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Seeking Full-time Distiller in Charlottesville, Virginia


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Vitae Spirits Distillery in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia is seeking a Distiller for distilled spirits production and general distillery operations. This will be a full-time salaried position with results-based work hours and potential for promotion based on performance. 


  • Procurement and production planning with management

  • Mashing, Fermenting, Distilling, mixing final products, and quality control

  • Bottling

  • Warehousing, Record Keeping, and compliance

  • Cleaning and equipment maintenance

  • Representing the distillery in a positive light to customers


  • Must be exceptionally reliable, responsible, and a quick learner

  • Able to work irregular and unpredictable hours

  • Capable of abiding complex liquor regulations and safety guidelines

  • Can follow production protocols precisely and consistently

  • Regularly lift and move 55 lbs. loads, move pallet-jacked 3000 lbs. loads, and pass through maintenance holes to access tanks for cleaning

  • Troubleshoot equipment challenges (trade skills such as plumbing, electrical, are a positive)

  • Be familiar with chemical and biological processes (degree not required, but a positive)

  • Familiarity with alcoholic beverage evaluation

  • Forklift operation experience is a positive

  • Applicants must have the right to work in the United States, be over 21 years old and be able to drive legally.

Background checks will be performed on promising candidates.

If the job description above fits your talents and goals please provide:

  1. A cover letter

  2. Your resume or curriculum vitae

  3. Contact information for 3 relevant professional references


Transmit all of the above materials by email or mail to:

Vitae Spirits Distillery

715 Henry Ave

Charlottesville, VA 22903


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