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Distilling School in Colorado


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Due to the overwhelming demand for our Distilling Classes were are offering two day classes on March 19-20, 2011 and April 16-17, 2011. The cost for the two day weekend class will be $250 which will include a reference CD. This is a hands on class which will include working with pot and packed column stills. The address of the distillery is: Downslope Distilling,Inc., 6770 South Dawson Circle., Ste. 400, Centennial, CO 80112

Please send a check to the distillery to reserve your spot or call 303-693-4300 and use your charge card.

If you have any questions please contact: mitch@downslopedistilling.com

General Outline for the Class

A. Water Quality

1. Type of water to make spirits (whiskey, etc.)

2. Total Dissolved Solids

3. Iron content

4. Types of Tests

5. Types of Filters

6. pH adjustment for malts/enzymes

B. Mashes/Washes

1. Grain mashes - step infusions using enzymes

2. Sugar washes enzymes

3. Record keeping Beer Smith Excel Spread Sheets

C. Fermentation

1. Grain washes nutrient yeasts

2. Sugar washes more nutrients needed yeasts

3. Temperature and Time Frameworks

D. Distillation

1. Types of stills Pot Column/Bubble Plates Packed Column

2. Types of Runs Beer Stripping Whiskey/Rum Vs Vodka Runs

3. Whiskey Runs Heads Mids Tails

4. Gin/Botanical Runs

E. Filtration Polishing Spirits

1. Vodka filtration 100-110 proof

2. Rum filtration 100-110 proof flow rates aged vs unaged

F. Infusion of Vodkas

1. Vanilla Rum infusions

2. Pepper Vodka Infusions

3. Misc. Infusions

G. Aging

1. Types of barrels wine vs whiskey

2. Characteristics of barrels types of oak thickness size surface area

3. Aging time related to size of barrel

4. Enhanced aging techniques aeration and oak spirals

H. Bottling and Packaging

1. Bottling/Label Supplies, etc

2. Types of Bottle Fillers

3. Filter sizes and effect on flavors

I. Tasting/Flavor Profiles

1. Vodka Tastings/Profiles

2. Rum Tastings/Profile unaged and various aged

3. Whiskey Tastings/Profiles

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