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Distribution Options/Alternatives for California


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I hope everyone is doing well.

We launched our gin last September in California using Park Street as our distributor.  We think we're doing reasonably well so far and are just about to receive our ABC Type 18 license.

However, we're now looking for alternatives to Park St that align with our growth goals.

Does anyone have a distributor they are currently working with that they highly recommend? We were hoping to get on with Breakthru Beverage, but they aren't taking anyone new until 2024.

Thanks for any help and guidance!


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Yeah, looks like we'll be working with LibDib as a part of our solution but have heard it's not the most cost/time effective as the main solution.

In short, Park St was the easiest option for us when we needed to launch.  However, given we're a small outfit to start (self-funded and only one SKU), the rates weren't very conducive and in alignment for us to grow. Their platform at times has been buggy when our customers were attempting to submit orders as well. Lastly, we had minimal support to push for customers to pay for orders which is part of what their supposed to do.

As such, we figure there are likely better options for us out there which we're currently working on.


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