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Turnkey distillery for sale in Southern California


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Complete turnkey distillery system + whiskey stock or sale in southern California with Type 74 Craft Distilling License.

The facility is capable of producing 10,000 9-liter cases per year. All equipment is in excellent condition. CARL distilling facility has all the necessary equipment to process from grain to final distillate. 1,000-liter hybrid pot sill. 

DISTILLING EQUIPMENT SCHEDULE (CARL1000 Grain Vodka & Whiskey Distillery Plant)


One 1000 Class Batch (Pot) Still 950-1200 ltr capacity) with a 4 Plates Direct Column with botanicals compartment,

and two (2) x 15 Plates Sequential Rectifying Columns

Grain Mash Preparation & Fermentation

one 3600 liter net capacity Mash Preparation Vessel with steam injection, heavy-duty agitator, and pneumatic mashing-in valve

One tube-in-tube mash heat exchanger

two 7200-9000 liter net capacity Closed-Top Fermenters

one 5500 ltr Hot Water Tank

one mobile centrifugal mash / wash pump -- for hot substrate

two mobile centrifugal cleaning (CIP) and hot water pump -- for hot substrate

one mobile alcohol pump explosion proof

two 625 liter alcohol storage tanks

one 2350 liter alcohol storage tank

four 500 liter mobile alcohol tank for blending & intermediate storage

one Batch Unit – complete and skid-mounted – for blending, chilling, filtration / carbon treatment

one four-head bottle filler, with final polish cartridge filter

Snap 51 Anton Paar density meter

various flexible hoses, couplings and reducers for mash, CIP and alcohol

one Rad Hammer mill/ and hoppers

Chiller - 10 ton chill king chiller model GC102CK4

outdoor refrigerated chiller with Ambient water cooler

One Scotch marine boiler(Natural gas Input 1,680,000 BTU/Hr

Boiler Horse Power 40 HP output to 1,344,000 BTU/Hr), blowdown tanks, water softener

softwater/RO system

four Buckhorns(grain Bins)

seismic barrel racks 77 racks

10,000-gallon water cooling recapture tank

floor scale

bench scale

Goodway High-Performance Industrial Vacuum HEPA, Dry, Only Explosion Proof Vacuum, 120V

General F+F manufacturing: Carts/ mobile tables/ metal cabinetry/ storage

Aging Whiskey (~65 barrels) (Bourbon, Rye, Single Malt) Stocks from 3 - 7 years), Aging Gin and Aquavit, Bulk NGS




$1M FOR EVERYTHING, including License Transfer if in CA 


Restaurant equipment and furniture is also available (inquire for asset list).


Serious inquiries only.

For more information and details text or call: 949-414-6685

email: scribbletheory@sbcglobal.net

Blinking Owl Distillery Tasting Room.jpg

Blinking Owl Distillery-1.jpg





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