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threading broke on water tube: Olympic distillers stainless steel reflux still 3 inch


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And measures .5 inches on the inside


Does anyone know what the part is called I need to replace it with?


Do I need to buy the whole hose kit again?


I asked Olympic distillers if they have this out of plumbing supply store or home Depot and was told home Depot won't have it and it would take a few weeks to get the whole housing set for that one part delivered.


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You most likely could match the threads and put a barbed fitting on the hose side.  

If you cannot determine the threads on your own, or the manufacturer is unable to help you out.  I would visit any machine shop or possibly even a competent mechanic, they should be able to help you figure out the thread pitch.

Once you know the threads you might have to buy or make an adapter to make it work with an off-the-shelf barbed fitting, but then you wont run into this issue again.

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