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Custom Copper Still for Sale = 500 Liters

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Pre-2008 I had a dream, attended the TTB conference, wrote a business plan and bought a 500 Liter Iberian Copper still. Those plans never came to fruition, but I never borrowed a single cent. Fast forward to now, I am looking to sell the still. 

Condition: Brand new, never used

The still is very beautiful, and deserves a place in front where people can see it. Fine Portuguese copper work all around.

Type of still: 500 Liter Turks head with (2) - Stainless man ways // (1) to access top of mash, and (1) to access bottom of still

The still is un-accompanied by a condenser, a heating system, or a stand. It's as if it were just made and shipped to Oregon..... : )

Options: I can produce a condenser, a heating system, or a stand if you would like. Or help you get it installed where you plan to use it. I have experience with coil and shotgun condensers, steam and direct heating, and ornamental stands of all kinds. 

Recommended uses: Large pot-still spirits (Brandy, Grappa, Absinthe, etc)

Let me know if you want more details. Local to central Oregon.





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