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10HL Fermenter with Paddle Agitator FOR SALE

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We have a 10HL (264 Gallon) Fermenter that we are moving out to make way for new equipment. It has a 1.5 hp agitator motor with paddle which has worked great with our whiskey mashes. Made by Specific in 2018 the equipment is just 5 years old. With a change in our production this fermenter actually only was used a month out of the year for 4 of those years. 


Asking for $12,000 OBO

Located in Canton, OH. 

Buyer pays shipping. 

Ferm 1.jpg

Ferm 2.jpg

Ferm 3.jpg

Ferm 4.jpg

Ferm 5.jpg

Ferm 6.jpg

Ferm 7.jpg

Ferm 8.jpg

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