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NEED IT GONE! NEW STILL COMING! $95,000.00 OBO! Headframe CF-1000 HP v2.5

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NEED IT GONE, NEW STILL COMING!  We have a HeadFrame Continuous column still that we used for making neutral, but we aren’t producing that product any longer.  The still is in place and we are running it at lower proof for bourbon now, but for what we are doing now, a big pot still makes more sense.

Buyer is responsible for moving the still, headframe offers these services to customers.  They moved it and commissioned it when we bought it.

**Some of the Copper insulation cladding is dented, but does not effect the performance of the still in any way.  Heaframe gave this still all of the latest upgrades and a clean bill of health when it was delivered.

Price is $95,000.00. OR BEST OFFER!




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