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Potato based vodka help...


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I know the obvious of running tails with the next run. But what else can be made with 189 proof and lower potato based alcohol? Can it be blended into another drink by TTB standards? We have 100% sweet potato base. No sugars, no grains, etc. I have looked and searched every where for this but I can not find anything on it. Thanks.

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You could use it as a base for most any kind of "distilled spirits specialty" product. Think cocktails/RTDs, seltzers, liqueurs, amaro, aquavit, bitters.

You can also use it as a base for Distilled Gin (but not Compound Gin, which requires neutral > 190).

Finally you can bottle it as-is and it'll fall under Distilled Spirits Specialty with a Statement of Composition - something like "Spirits Distilled from Sweet Potato".

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