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Silicon Valley Distillery For Sale

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We are an award winning Silicon Valley Distillery in a good location near downtown San Jose. This is a turn-key distillery ready for production. The sale is for the entire distillery with all licenses and permits, a good start up opportunity for someone interested in operating a distillery without having to go through all the regulations of building one. We currently lease the location with 2 years left and an option to extend for another 5 years. The space is completely built out and fully permitted. We upgraded the sprinkler system and installed a ventilation system to satisfy California codes for distilleries. All construction is permitted and signed off by the city.

Equipment list is below. We also have 24 Barrels of Bourbon Aging and finished inventory ready for sale. We are not parting out equipment at the moment. 

Please contact thua@tcdistilling.com for more info and Pricing. Serious Inquiries only.

Item Qty
300 Gallon Pot Still w/Gin Basket and Agitator 1
100 Gallon Hearts Tank 1
30 Gallon Tails Tank 1
30 Gallon Heads Tank 1
300 Gallon Mash Tun w/ Agitator 1
300 Gallon Fermenter w/ Cooling Jacket 1
300 Gallon Stainless Steel Storage Tanks 3
150 Gallon Bottling Tank 1
1000 Gallon HDPE Water Tanks 2
Rite 76SG 18HP 15PSI Low Pressure Boiler 1
Water Softener Sytem 1
GD Chiller Model: GD-5H 1
Toyota Electric Forklift Model 8FBCU20 1
Pallet Jack 1
20GPM Mash Pump with Cart 1
High Proof Alcohol Pump 1
20GPM Water CIP System Pump with Cart 1
Express Water 2000 GPD Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System 1
Mori 6 Spout Filler 1
Novaflex Beverage Hose Hose 1.5", 15ft length 2
Novaflex Beverage Hose Hose 1.5", 20ft length 1
Mori 6 Spout Filler w/inline filter and cart 1
Four Spout Bottle Rinser 1
Bottlematc II Labeler 1
CCE Corking Machine 1
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